Monday, October 27, 2008

haaa.... tau ke tak???? tak kan???

i wonder how kuantan get it's name. well, i studied and found out (stadila konon, pakai internet je).. kuantan exist since early 1850's... this based on Abdullah Munsyi, said that 'Hatta pada malam Khamis datanglah sebuah perahu kecil dari KUANTAN. Maka berkhabarlah ia kepada anak-anak perahu mengatakan ada perahu lanun di Tanjung Tujuh, empat puluh buah dan di Pulau Kapas pun ada, dan di Pulau Redang pun ada, maka telah didapati dua buah perahu orang Kuantan dan dua buah lepas lari.......... so there it is, kuantan just pop out. now, kuantan is capital state of pahang. on the early stage, it is known as Kampung Teruntum, it settlement mainly based on the bank of Sungai Kuantan, nowdays it is Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan. owwwww, now i know.. it's been open by Haji Senik and his followers, in 1850's. in the past, it is swamp area, but they develop it into settlement, catching fish and doing some trade. the prove??? now it became Perkuburan Cik Timah, not far from Taman Esplanade or now is Benteng. haaaaa.... now you know laaa???

Sunday, October 26, 2008

poll... pilihanraya... undi...

recently, ump just held 'pilihanraya pemilihan untuk calon ydp untuk jpp'... hahaha... with all the candidates take the advantage, speech in front of the students, confront them for their vote. flyers, are all over the campus. still this is low class 'pilihanraya'. what with all the flyers for?? i know the candidates want us, the voters to vote for them. but sometime they are too much. placing flyer beside one another, is one just not enough??? i get the message, 'please vote me', but isn't a flyer in a certain place is not enough??? what a waste of good paper, ink and plastic. and all ends up on the trash!!! yeah, u all deserve it, post your face on the paper, and end up in the trash, toilet, on the floor, on the road, being step, roll over your face, hahahahaha.... seriously, why don't use buttons, tshirt or banners or email?? doesn't it more appropiate, what do you think?? just like 'pilihan raya umum' last march, with all the flyers all around, just an eyesore. and when it all ends up, it takes month to clean it or remove it from lamp post, traffic light, trees. if u really fanatic to certain candidates or party, why just don't wear a shirt appearing the party or the candidate face??? anyone against me??? it can be carry anywhere, no need to place the flyers all over the campus,,, heeiiiiiiiiiii, think... think.... use brilliant strategies.... and one more, please not to make ridiculous manifesto, just improve the facility, maintainance and beautification, that's all. radio channel, unlimited access to internet and astro channel... andddddddddddddddd.............tandas!!!!!! tolonglah... sedih aku...

best ke??

it's been a long time since my last post. I've nothing idea what I'm suppose to write. But one of my friends, suddenly came up with her idea, (teka r sape die), why not tell about girls or shopping??.. Hmmmm.... not so bad, but to be honest, i really don't know what to tell about. Is shopping is routine for girls?? Why just not shopping when it really need, like for raya purpose. To me, i love to go shopping too, buying shirts, i realy do. But only when i need some new shirts and when my wallet approve it, hahaha.... Are girls like that too??? Or they just simply buy one whenever they like or spot it??? If there are some girls agree or not, let know it. Ah, girls.... They do really like to be looking nice, eh??? Makan lagi sedap... Kenyang perut, hahaha....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

third straight title??

hallo... anyone who is man u fan?? i think man u can retain their epl title again this season..
and, equal to record 18 league title that liverpool held.. wek, liverpool..
and, i think why not champion league?? maybe the fourth title this season..
yeah man u!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

friends.. kawan.. rakan.. sahabat..

according to dictionary, friend is a person one likes and chooses to spend time with..
apart from our beloved family, friends are the second closest person with us..
we share everything, from problem even food.. maybe it is a little bit of annoying, we have to share some food with friends, but that tied our friendship even stronger..
an ideal friend to me is a friend that has the selection of characteristic such as, funny, nice, humble, good sense of humor and vitally not a selfish person..
i rather choose male friends than female..
to me we can talk about anything together without feeling guilty that might hurt their feeling, they are more understand than female friend..
not that female are not good enough, sometimes they a little bit more sensitive than male friends..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

today's world

hi... i'm new here... so share all your experience about the blog with me...
recently i just watch The Dark Knight... fantastic story, great line story, showcase new technologies... and it is dark... a superhero faces a dilemma... bad guys and the public are all against him..