Wednesday, July 30, 2008

friends.. kawan.. rakan.. sahabat..

according to dictionary, friend is a person one likes and chooses to spend time with..
apart from our beloved family, friends are the second closest person with us..
we share everything, from problem even food.. maybe it is a little bit of annoying, we have to share some food with friends, but that tied our friendship even stronger..
an ideal friend to me is a friend that has the selection of characteristic such as, funny, nice, humble, good sense of humor and vitally not a selfish person..
i rather choose male friends than female..
to me we can talk about anything together without feeling guilty that might hurt their feeling, they are more understand than female friend..
not that female are not good enough, sometimes they a little bit more sensitive than male friends..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

today's world

hi... i'm new here... so share all your experience about the blog with me...
recently i just watch The Dark Knight... fantastic story, great line story, showcase new technologies... and it is dark... a superhero faces a dilemma... bad guys and the public are all against him..